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Feb 6, 2013 11:00pm PST
anthony sanchez somehow slipped the handcuffs from the back of his body to the front, probably slipping them underneath his feet. at that point he jumped into the driver's seat and then took off. now sanchez is a 32-year-old man from san jose. he was arrested for some probation violation warrants. we are told he is big for his height. listen to this, 5'8" and 275 pounds. and neighbors who live on ren drive can't believe sanchez was able to escape from this. >> yeah, i was kind of shocked. who can do that? the guy, how can he get out of -- we kind of don't know what to think, you know. it's kind of scary. >> reporter: san jose police say there are no weapons in the van, but they're hoping someone remembers a man about 5'8" and 275 pounds walking around with handcuff, though it's possible by now he has the handcuffs off his body. george kiriyama, nbc bay area news. >> george, thank you. >>> more details now about that mysterious death of a local teenager. federal agents are now on the case. how did a 13-year-old girl from suisun city end up dead in a fairfield park? the body of genelle co
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1